Our Horses Mean Business
Tryon Horse Country   
Tryon, NC Columbus, NC  Green Creek, NC
Landrum, SC  Campobello, SC  Gowansville, SC 

Sponsored by:
Foothills Equine Education  Initiative in conjunction with Polk County Economic 
Development Commission and Foothills Chamber of Commerce

To increase awareness of the benefits of Local area's horse economy and to 
promote jobs and economic opportunities for horse owners through the 
Foothills horse industry.

Educate the public and key state and local constituencies about the benefits 
the entire horse industry provides to all sectors of  the Local area economy
 Develop a  grassroots network involving the  local area's horse economy  
 Build a coalition of diverse organizations supporting our local horse economy. 
         Encourage the development of a pro-jobs and economic opportunities 
         agenda  for the Local area horse economy to include:
 Increased  advocacy and promotion of the Local area horse industry 
 Initiatives to stimulate jobs and economic growth through economic
          incentives and tax  reform to solidify the local horse economy leadership 
         to attract new horse  industry interests to the state. 
 Expansion of existing local  horse economy programs for all 

Build Awareness of how vital the industry is to the overall economy of Polk 
County and surrounding areas (Spartanburg  County, Greenville County, 
Rutherford County). Whether a  backyard pleasure horse or a stable full of 
warmbloods, they are contributors to the economics of the equine industry.
Awareness programs include: 
Developing a marketing program using newspaper, radio, television, 
direct mail and public relations to raise awareness of the importance of 
the equine industry.
       Creating a weekly email newsletter
 Creating a database of equine industry  participants
       Speaking to local civic and business groups about our mission and the 
       importance of the equine industry.

Key Initiatives:
 Distribution of fact-based Foothills area/Tryon Horse Country  horse                                                  economy information. 
 Team 100: A broad-based grassroots network of horse economy                                       
 A local advisory committee consisting of prominent  horse industry                                    
        representatives from all sectors of the horse economy. 
 A  coalition of organizations with horse economy-related interests                                       
        including local chamber of commerce, Rotary Clubs, businesses, farm                               
        organizations and trade  associations. 
 Recognizing that the horse events are key drivers of tourism 
         expenditures in the  area.
 Work cooperatively with other agriculture-related  organizations,  expecting that                
        partnerships will help us further our cause for the collective good of the entire                    
        agricultural community.